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Real success stories from real doctors

Hear directly from other practice owners who have grown with PatientConnect’s platform, tools and frameworks.

Real success stories from real doctors

Hear directly from other practice owners who have grown with PatientConnect’s platform, tools and frameworks.

500+ happy doctors are growing with PatientConnect

Chiropractors and dentists are choosing PatientConnect to get a steady flow of new patients every month. But don’t just take our word for it.

Dr. Mark Sicheneder

Velocity Chiropractic

“Were about 2 months in right now, just about to hit 100 patients per week, and I gotta say 99 percent of that is due to PatientConnect. I cant give them enough praise about how well they’re doing and cant recommend them enough.”

Dr. Melissa Osborn

Lifetime Family Chiropractic

“We’ve seen some phenomenal results. I was pretty impressed right from the beginning with the quality of the people that came in. We have averaged about 10 new patients per week, and have had a really good experience.”

Dr. Chris McNeil

Macomb Twp Chiropractic

“We’ve been getting about 20 leads and 10 new patients a week coming in from the targeted Facebook ads. It’s been a God send, especially during COVID. I really recommend using PatientConnect for your marketing campaigns.”

Dr. Alexa Cinque

Cinque Chiropractic

“Overall very happy and impressed with their services. Right from the beginning I had an influx of inquiries, new patients scheduling, confirming, coming in and signing up for care and its definitely helped me grow and expand my practice over this last month. I look forward to continuing working with them.”

Dr. Shane Wallace

Plentz Chiropractic Clinic

“PatientConnect has done nothing but wonders for us here at Plentz Chiropractic Clinic. We hired them back in March and have been working with them ever since. Just for the month alone in April we’ve gotten almost 50 new patients just from their service. Its awesome, especially for an existing practice. They’re great to work with.”

Dr. Fatih Velijoski

Next Level Family Chiropractic

“We just opened up our practice and have had a great experience working with PatientConnect. They give new practices the ability to get off the ground and bring in new patients through a simple and effective process. Highly recommend them to anyone that owns or runs a chiropractic office!”

Dr. Capers Zentmeyer

Zentmeyer Chiropractic

“We did 65 new patients in 4 days before opening my practice. In my first month alone, we had 130 new patients come in. I have only had good responses from this platform and I truly believe what they’re doing is remarkable.”

Dr. Carly Sorrell

Chiropractic & Beyond

“PatientConnect has been fantastic for my practice. I just opened up a couple of months ago and we were getting so many new patients that I had to slow it down. Was getting about 7 new patients a day. Highly recommend them!”

Dr. Vartan Chakalian

Foundations Chiropractic

“One of the main constants that has led to our continuous growth has been PatientConnect managing our ads. They’ve been providing leads that actually show up into the office and turn into patients that utilize our services.”

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